The Severe Roles of Robin Williams

Robin Williams movies have defined a generation, along with his departure had an effect on the whole world. While he had been mostly known for his comedic characters, his more serious parts have had the same, if not bigger, lasting impression on people who have seen it. Here are just two must see films at which the extraordinary actor shows us he can be sensitive and mournful--just like how it feels whenever you need to understand how to catch a cheater--while still maintaining that exact same Robin Williams spirit many came to understand and love.

Two of Robin Williams' Serious Roles

"What Dreams May Come"
Directed by Vincent Ward and also winning the Academy Award for best visual results, this 1998 Drama is definitely an amazing narrative managing death, mourning, the after life and new life. The film focuses on a man called Chris who we find fast is in a season of frustration as the two of his children recently died in a car collision. In a sad twist of irony, he expires in a car crash on the year anniversary of the kids' accident. At least he was not a terrible parent or husband along with his wife didn't need to understand how to catch a cheater.

A scene out of What Dreams May Come.

The major story of the film is Chris being guided across the afterlife by some memorable and lovable spirit guides (one being Cuba Gooding Jr). Chris visits Heaven, Hell, Between places and the most mysterious of the dark. While this picture is visually stunning, it is sometimes a challenging watch as it will cope with hard themes. Some would say it is truly one of Robin's best performances, but it flew under the radar since it can address tough questions like where we go when people die, what happens to people that commit suicide and so on. So see your own risk, however it's worth a viewing.

"Patch Adams"

Based on the real story of a innovative physician, comes a semi-autobiography, comedy-drama which has been a enormous success in the box office in 1998. Williams plays Patch Adams, a physician with got the idea that joy can bring just as much healing contains medicine to people who have terminal illnesses. His belief was that children and adults alike need laughter throughout such crisis in their life. Throughout his years in medical school, he battled with the dean as his beliefs and techniques seemed ridiculous in comparison to the medical clinic that'd consistently worked. To Adams, the approach most professionals were taking seemed to lack connection and purpose together with patience, therefore he sets out to improve matters, and he does precisely that. And again, no dependence on any advice about how to catch a cheater.

While this picture is filled with funny moments and belly laughter comedy, it comes with hard and heart-breaking scenes as well. Death happens, murder happens, people passing away from different causes, so take caution before watching this with the whole family. This movie teaches you there is room to dream, and there is always a way to find new paths which attract healing.

Again, all of us know Robin Williams along with his signature humor style, however in the event that you are looking for a big change of pace in timeless films that move somewhat deeper to your encounter, please provide these two films a chance! Another fantastic film is I am David. Just take a research about this here.

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